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  • Spring Mineral Water RusseQuelle, Still, PET, bottle 800 ml

Spring Mineral Water RusseQuelle, Still, PET, bottle 800 ml

6 pcs. in pack

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  • Si

    Silicon - 5

    Silicon makes your skin, tendons, and cartilages flexible. It neutralizes chlorine, radionuclides, and heavy metals.
    Supports the immune system.


    pH - 7.4

    Such pH value helps you to maintain an ideal acid-alkaline balance, facilitating in harmonizing the body’s internal functions.

    Humic Acids

    Humic Acids <2

    Humic acid is a strong antioxidant that excretes heavy metals, improves liver functions, suppresses bacteria, and improves the gut microflora. It excludes diarrhea and other digestive disorders, while excreting allergens from the body.


    Natrium - 10

    The main function of Natrium is to maintain the water-salt balance in the human body cells. Natrium is essential for functioning of nerves, muscles, and kidneys.


    Magnesium - 30

    Magnesium removes distresses and the craving for sweets. That’s why it is sometimes called an antistress agent. Magnesium makes muscles relax, improves the sleep, and releases one’s nerve strain.


    Selenium < 0.02

    Selenium decreases risks of cancerous diseases, strengthens the nervous system and immune system, and prevents ageing.

    The analysis was performed by the Mineral Water Laboratory of the All-Russia Research Institution of the Bear, Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Wine Industry of the Russian Agricultural Academy.

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