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About RusseQuelle

The RusseQuelle Plant set in 2010 in cooperation with Austrian and Italian Partners

The RusseQuelle concept emphasizes its pristine cleanliness. The mineral water spring has been known for 500 years and is located at a unique place of Russia – Gorokhovets, which is part of the Golden Ring, having a great historic value for the country.

Being bottled at the spring itself, RusseQuelle mineral water is delivered to Russia’s leading FMCG retailers, HoReCa spots and our honorable private Customers in its primeval condition.

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About RusseQuelle

About water RusseQuelle

  • Si

    Silicon - 5

    Silicon makes your skin, tendons, and cartilages flexible. It neutralizes chlorine, radionuclides, and heavy metals.
    Supports the immune system.


    pH - 7.4

    Such pH value helps you to maintain an ideal acid-alkaline balance, facilitating in harmonizing the body’s internal functions.

    Humic Acids

    Humic Acids <2

    Humic acid is a strong antioxidant that excretes heavy metals, improves liver functions, suppresses bacteria, and improves the gut microflora. It excludes diarrhea and other digestive disorders, while excreting allergens from the body.


    Natrium - 10

    The main function of Natrium is to maintain the water-salt balance in the human body cells. Natrium is essential for functioning of nerves, muscles, and kidneys.


    Magnesium - 30

    Magnesium removes distresses and the craving for sweets. That’s why it is sometimes called an antistress agent. Magnesium makes muscles relax, improves the sleep, and releases one’s nerve strain.


    Selenium < 0.02

    Selenium decreases risks of cancerous diseases, strengthens the nervous system and immune system, and prevents ageing.

    The analysis was performed by the Mineral Water Laboratory of the All-Russia Research Institution of the Bear, Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Wine Industry of the Russian Agricultural Academy.

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