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Discover the History and the Secrets of the RusseQuelle Spring

About company

RusseQuelle water Plant set in 2010 in cooperation and support by the Austrian and Italian Partners

RusseQuelle Plant was founded in 2010 as a joint project of Austrian, Italian, and Russian partners.
The RusseQuelle concept emphasizes its pristine cleanliness. The mineral water spring has been known for 500 years and is located at a unique place of Russia – Gorokhovets which is part of the Golden Ring having a great historic value for the country.

Being bottled at the spring itself, RusseQuelle mineral water is delivered to Russia’s leading food retailers and HoReCa in its primeval condition.

To ensure the highest quality, we use best raw materials only, of the Russian and German origin.

Light, soft, delicate, and making a pleasant aftertaste – these are comments of the admirers of RusseQuelle mineral spring water.
RusseQuelle is an ideal match for a delicious meal, containing either meat or fish or poultry.

About company
About company
We do not ever change RusseQuelle’s structural and chemical contents, Water remains completely natural, as we sincerely want to deliver you this reviving note from an ancient spring
About company


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    Pristine idea

    As much as great craftspeople of the past, we are very sensitive to everything relating to the genuine character and quality of RusseQuelle water. We aim at gaining the appreciation of everyone who ever tasted RusseQuelle.

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    Pristine shapes

    Both perfect, thoroughly thought-out, and simple lines created by talented people shape RusseQuelle water. RusseQuelle is a union of the nature and art, which appeared in the land of ancient Slavs. These lands are renowned for their wealthy soils full of useful microelements, flood meadows, and primeval forests.

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    Pristine energy

    Pristine energy
    RusseQuelle is a mineral table water for every day. Drinking RusseQuelle, you feel most brisk and dynamic throughout a day. Whether you go in for sports or spend your days on the run, you can always refill the supply of minerals and microelements, having RusseQuelle bottle or two at hand.

RusseQuelle AWARDS

  • Product of the Year (2014)

    Product of the Year (2014)

    RusseQuelle mineral water
    is awarded with the gold medal in the Product of the Year nomination
    of the 2014 ProdExpo International Food Exhibition.

  • Choice of the National Genetic Safety Association

    Choice of the National Genetic Safety Association

    RusseQuelle mineral water is a pristine product, completely free from the industrial effects.
    The raw materials we use for the manufacturing do not contain any harmful components and are completely safe for humans.



    RusseQuelle mineral water is the Golf General
    Partner in Russia.
    We are glad to invite you to golf courses of
    our friends and partners.

  • Roscontrol 2015 Choice Roscontrol 2015 Choice

    Roscontrol 2015 Choice

    RusseQuelle mineral water
    is determined by Roscontrol Agency to be the safest and tastiest water in Russia in 2015.